Nicaragua !!!

This blog is sooo long over due but I finally feel like I can (kinda) adequately explain my heart for Nicaragua in words now. After attending Jeff and Elizabeth’s | who are Lifepoint missionaries that are on ground in Nicaragua working for Amigos for Christ (the organization we went to Nica through) | ..storytelling event I was flooded with emotions from my trip in August and i’m just dying to share with you all about my journey there.

so the story begins.. The hard stuff- this was first and foremost a mission trip to serve the people of Nicaragua to create systems of healthy and effective living. Working alongside Nicaraguan’s, our group from Lifepoint helped dig trenches almost every day from 11-5, that would eventually hold pipes that allow water to travel to the community members homes. IT WAS HOT and it was hard but we got to work alongside the people of that community and share our lives with them (through broken English/Spanish) and it was awesome! We worked together, ate together, played together and sweated together. After our day of work we had time to connect with our church members and members of the Amigos staff and for that I am so thankful. God really touched my heart with the generosity and kindness of the staff of Amigos and the members of Lifepoint church. I built relationships with the staff of Amigos that I could never forget and never leave behind.

Volcano day! That one day I climbed a volcano in Nicaragua.. ya’ll, this was crazy! It was stair stepper x 1,000 but I experienced the most amazing thing on that volcano, God’s love and faithfulness through a guy I didn’t even know. His name was Alec, better known as daddy yankee (don’t ask, Lol). He was a pro at climbing this thing but instead stayed back with me and encouraged me the whole way up. He only spoke a little English and we did the best we could at conversations of family and work but most of all we just laughed together and at each other. Just as God is faithful and never leaves your side, Alec walked up that volcano with me, all hour and a half of it. what a faithful friend and light of God.

Ok, I have so many stories I could go on for days about but i’ll just give you one more simple story:
We got the opportunity to visit a school in one of the communities and I was so excited, I love little kiddies!! God really broke my heart at that school for the kids of Nicaragua, His kids. no longer than 5 minutes after stepping off our bus the children came running towards us and a tiny little five year old jumped in my arms and gave me a whole bouquet of hand-picked flowers. My heart melted. I was shocked that this little boy who doesn’t know anything about me was so giving and embracing towards me. As if the Amigos staff’s kind heart’s weren’t enough, I knew after that moment that Nicaragua was a second home to me and that I had to continue my trips to visit these beautiful people who had quickly became family to me.

to top this all off I was so incredibly blessed to have talked to Craig (now my teacher) on this trip about the idea of becoming one of the first ever- student’s of Lifepoint Leadership College. wow. looking back, all I can think is our God is BIG. He does big things, He works everything together for the good of those who love Him. He creates us and gifts us uniquely for the plans and interactions He has for us.. He uses our stories and experiences for His glory, all we must do it be faithful and allow Him to break our heart’s for what breaks His and He WILL use us.

So, THANK YOU!! to everyone who prayed for me, encouraged me and gave financially. Ya’ll we a part of spreading the name of Jesus and touching the lives of people in the communities in Nicaragua. You gave them life through clean water, safe stoves, modern bathrooms and most importantly through relationships. God is preparing heavenly riches for you because of your giving and support and I am just so grateful to have had this opportunity.

P.S.. I will be going back (YAY!!!!) in February 2015 and I just ask for prayer and love from you guys, you’re the absolute best!!

with love,


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