let Him refine your heart 💕

My feet have closely followed his steps; I have kept to his way without turning aside. I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread. “But he stands alone, and who can oppose him? He does whatever he pleases. He carries out his decree against me, and many such plans he still has in store. (Job 23:11-14 NIV)
God used extreme trials to refine Jobs heart. Job realized two things after this process- He realized that God already knew his needs and knew what was best. Gods refining work begins in our hearts when we realize Hod knows what we need to go through in order to become the Christians He wants us to be. everything we go through has a purpose and we must trust God and let Him work in our lives. Job also realized that God had a purpose, as He does for everything we go though as well. whatever difficulty we are experiencing, God has a plan for it. never look at a trial as simply a time of difficulty; look at it as an opportunity to grow closer to God. God desires to refine our hearts through trial but we must open our hearts to Him! God knows what’s best and we need to give Him full control so He can do His good work in us. He is using our trials for a beautiful, yet unseen purpose.


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