friends πŸ‘―

A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need. (Proverbs 17:17 NLT)
“prosperity brings friends, adversity proves them.” It is easy for many people to be a friend when things are going well, but true friends will provide support even in times of need. In 1 Samuel 19 King Saul commands Jonathan and his servants to find and kill David but Jonathan was David’s friend. he warned David and helped him escape then persuaded his father not to kill David. Jonathan was a friend to David in the good times and the hard times. too often we see people waking away when difficulties arise. In marriage, friendship, or employment, the worlds solution to difficulties is to run. but these are the times that our friends most need our support. just as Jonathan stayed and supported david, even though his own safety was at risk, we must determine to give loyal support to our friends.
A Godly friend never looks for what they can get out of the relationship but constantly looking for ways to give support. often it is the simple acts of thoughtfulness that encourage us and help support a friend the most. A godly friend is one who loves at all times no matter what! we may not always know when a friend is going through a trail or difficulty, yet as we continue to love them at all times, God will help us support them in their time of need.
* I pray that God would lead me to support my friends in their time of need and give me the strength to do everything I can to help them. that I would be a friend in difficult times and in good times.


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