mercy – 💫

But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead – 1 Peter 4:5
In society today people often have the idea that they can live their lives any way that they want and “only God can judge them”. Yet even when they go through their day with this mentality they don’t live as if they truly believe God will judge them.
One day God will judge all of us but before God brings judgement, He will always give mercy. He doesn’t want judgement day to be a sad time for us, He desires to reward us! As Christians, we will stand before God and give an account to him. If we living for God and serving Him, we will be able to enter into His heaven hearing well done my good and faithful servant.
Gods mercy always precedes Gods judgement! He will one day judge but in the meantime He gives you messages of hope and mercy! He reaches His hand out to you when you fall, loves you and extends His mercy to you. He encourages you to keep going when things get tough and gives you strength to get through it! Don’t think that God is ready to punish you every time you fall.. Rather than focusing on the judgement of God, take a hold of His mercy and continue serving Him.
*I pray that I would remember God is the only one that can judge me and that He will! But that I would always remember our God is also a merciful God. That through faithful serving He will extend His mercy and help me back up when I fall.


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