staying true to God 🌸

In Genesis 39:12 when she catches Joseph’s garment saying, lie with me: he left his garment in her hand and fled, and got him out. –
Joseph may have left his jacket behind but he didn’t lose his character. you may also lose some friends or a job by taking a stand for God and refusing to give in to temptation, but you won’t lose your Godly testimony. God can always give you a new job or different friends, but He doesn’t instantly give you a Godly character. Character is developed through living for God and making Godly choices day by day.
Character is not created by the crisis but rather reveled in the crisis. many people would have quit and gave up in Joseph’s situation. But joseph knew that wherever he went, God went to and that God would provide grace for every situation he encountered. character is choosing to listen to God and follow Him instead of giving in to the devils temptations. of course it’s not easy and isn’t developed on your own but Gods grace can help you develop character in your life. we all face different problems in life and struggle during them to display character. Although we may not understand each others problems and difficult roads, I do know this – if your saved The Lord is with you! He has offered you grace to go through even the toughest situations!
* I pray that even through my most difficult times I would remember that God desires for me to choose Him and display character even when times get hard. That I would spend time in his word each day and develop a pattern of making Godly choices so He would develop character in my life.


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