flee from temptation 🌺

– Genesis 39:7-9 tells of Joseph’s master’s, wife casting her eyes upon Joseph and saying, lie with me. but he refused and said… how could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?
Imagine being Joseph, you’ve been faithful to God through all the trails and now your boss’s wife tests your character and your purity.. The devil is a master at creating small, “harmless” instances that put the seed of temptation in your life. He will tempt you into thinking that the sin presented isn’t so bad. Do not fall for the devils temptations! Every sin is nothing to be played with! The devil wants nothing more than to ruin your family, marriage, ministry, testimony, and your effectiveness for God. Don’t let the devil fool you, he never comes out and presents sin for what it is; he is the father of lies and traps. Never allow the devil to even come close to the door of your life; flee his temptations! don’t allow him to even have one small portion of your life because soon he will have control of your whole life.
If you are seeking to live for God the devil will throw temptation at you. he knows your weaknesses and will tempt you in those areas! But take heart and know that God is on your side! You don’t have to fight the battle of temptation alone. “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7) –
* I pray that God would help me resist the devil in all the areas of my life. That I would always give Him control and let Him guide my paths daily. That when temptation does come into my life I would look to The Lord for strength in resisting the devil.

My 6th grade UG student said it best – If you are focused on God then you won’t have time for the devil. Amen! ❤️


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