– He knows the ending 🌞

Everyone goes through trials in their lifetime, sometimes it’s major or sometimes it’s serval storms in a row. but everyone will have unplanned difficulties along our journey of faith. Joseph faced crises in his life, He would have never guessed his own brothers would betray him, that he would be sent to prison or sold into slavery. No one plans for such difficulty. Joseph was a man who suffered greatly but was still faithful to God through his entire life. Imagine if God would have came to Joseph beforehand and told Him was he would have to endure, what would have Joseph’s reaction been? God has a great plan for your life but it might require a time of struggle first. Trust that God knows the outcome and the blessings He is going to bring into your life. Trails WILL come and earthly solutions will fail, God intends for you to grow stronger in faith through them. He desires that your testimony will shine brighter because of the difficulty you endured.
* I pray that I would always rely on God and trust Him during the hard times in my life because He knows the ending. That I would always have faith in knowing that whatever trails God puts me through today will lead me to a closer relationship with Him tomorrow. and that the trails of my life will lead me to His calling for my life and all the blessings he has in store for me.


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