crossroads- 🌻

In Joshua 1:1-2 Moses dies and The Lord tells Joshua to arise and lead the people.
When we come to a crossroads we must chose which way to go, these are the times we need Gods wisdom the most. God was always faithful to provide prophets and leaders to help guide the people during their time of decision. This time God brought Joshua, a faithful servant of Moses and of The Lord. It can be worrying at a crossroads, knowing the choice you make could effect not only yourself but others. God provides help during times of decision and not just any help but the best help and guidance you could possibly receive. Gods word is full of promises and truths that can guide you; your pastor has Godly wisdom and can give you counsel; Godly friends can speak truths to you; and God can lead you in the right direction through time spent with Him in prayer. you don’t have to make any decision alone, ever! God wants to help you.
* I pray that whenever I have a decision to make I would read Gods word and spend time with Him in prayer. That I would seek counsel through my pastor or friend to guide me. That I would always trust the wisdom of Gods word and Godly counsel to confidently choose the right path and continue forward, running to a closer relationship with The Lord!


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