In 2 Samuel 11:1 David is suppose to go to battle with the other kings but instead he sent Joab and his servants with him but David stayed in Jerusalem. staying behind led David to his adultery with Bathsheba. David’s first act I sin was not lingering on the rooftop looking at the woman. It was when he stayed behind in Jerusalem rather than being on the battlefield where he was suppose to be. Gods will for David during that time was to be at battle, but new use he was not on the path God has for him, he fell into temptation. God has a pattern and a path for your life that He will bless and prosper even though trials. But when you step off that path you step into the trap of the devil. you are less likely to fall into temptation when you are on the path God has for your life and are faithful to the calling He has given you.
* I pray that I would always stay on the path God has for my life. That I wouldn’t faithful to reading his word, praying, attending church and telling others of Him.
– when you are out of the way of duty, out are in the way of temptation.


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