time šŸ•‘

But Noah found grace in the eyes of The Lord.. and Noah walked with God. – Genesis 6:8-9

We spend so much time sitting at stop lights, waiting in line, eating and finding misplaced objects. if you thought about how much time you spent with God what would it add up to? Christians give the excuse that they are too busy to develop a relationship with God. Noah gained strength and faith from spending time with God. He developed an intimate walk with God. The greatest decision Noah made was not to make the ark but to spend time with God in order to fulfill his calling. In spending time with God and walking with him, Noah gained a displayed spirit that approved him for the most important task at that time – preserving the human race. God wants to spend time with you! Just as Noah had to ignore all the distractions around him we must also ignore the distractions of the world. God desires to be with you!
* I pray that I would always remember to spend time with God each day. I pray that I wouldn’t spend so much time on the ways of the world and spend more time with the one who made me! that seeking God through through His word would be my first priority!


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