not by accident – don’t miss an opportunity!! 🌞

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness.. -Acts 1:8
Don’t neglect the Holy Spirits leading to tell someone of Christ, don’t assume that someone else will witness to them. too many times we assume that somehow, some way, someone will tell our friends about God. I do know this – God has placed you in others lives even today for a purpose, not by accident. the people you see each day are opportunities to spread Gods word. Gods knows what is going on in each persons world that you come in contact with and He knows the right time for the seed of His gospel to be planted in their hearts. Don’t miss an opportunity to change someone’s eternity.
* I pray that I would always remain sensitive to the Holy Spirits prompting when he directs me to witness of Him. That I would always value every “one” person that I see each day and remember the urgency of Christ’s arrival. I pray that I would never miss an opportunity to tell someone of Christ, to save them a spot in heaven and change their eternity forever. 🌸


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