hold your light high ✨

-Judges 7:20 tells of the companies blowing trumpets and holding their lamps high in preparing for battle against the Midianites. Although this seems insignificant to Gideon’s men, God knew that the horns going off at night would scare the Midianites and they would begin killing each other. God could see what the soldiers could not see. many of Gods commands may not see logical, but when we follow them, we will be blessed. We must hold the light of His word high and tell of His salvation to those around us. are you telling others of God and His love for them? Some people might reject God and discourage you but that doesn’t change what God has called you to do! determine that you will be Gods light so that others can see today.
* I pray that even on my most discouraging days I would never fail to show gods light, that I would stand firm and tell of Gods word. That I would trust in Gods ways even when his ways are not my ways. I pray that I would always know that His plans are even greater than my dreams.


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