God blesses faithfulness 🌞

In a Judges 7:21-22 God called Gideon’s three hundred men to take what he had given them and to stand in their place. He did not ask them to fight on their own and defeat the enemy. he only asked them to obey what He had given them to do and to be faithful. many times we hear what God is calling us to and immediately do everything in our power to accomplish that calling. Often times we fail at this attempt and think it’s time to throw in the towel when we can not follow through with his plan. Here’s the amazing thing about Gods calling – He will give you every strength and every skill to fulfill it! Instead of trying to do it ourselves we must surrender to God and just allow him to work in and through us – this is when miracles happen. don’t be afraid or doubt God, be determined to trust His wisdom and to stand in your place and allow God to work through you. God will take care of the enemy or the problems in your life, as you are faithful to stand in your place.
* I pray that I would always be faithful to the everyday commands God has given me. That I’m obeying His commands in my life by reading his word each day, staying faithful to the church and most of all that I am telling those around me of His salvation & promises. All God requires of me is my faithfulness and I pray that I will always be ready for God to use me.


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