what’s in it for me?

Luke 22:24-30- In this story Jesus interrupts his disciples who are arguing of who the best of them is & says to them, “But I am among you as one who serves.” Jesus, the Son of God, the one who moves mountains, the one who created our inner-most being, King of Kings is a serving God. God wants us as Christians to be the servers, not the ones being served. He wants us to be selfless not selfish. In relationships more often than not we are so selfish with the outcome but when two people are selfless in a relationship it will never end badly. -the days you chose to be selfless are the best days you will ever have. Ephesians 5:22 tells wife’s to submit to their husbands just as you submit to Christ. Husband’s should lead their wife’s spiritually and love by giving, not getting. two complete people in Christ make a good relationship whole. Your husband should compliment you, not complete you. Woman should stand taller because of their man. -men build up, boys tear down. Women should be BETTER woman of God because of their relationship with their man. He should be encouraging her to create a closer relationship with Jesus and not allowing her to stray further away. -If you don’t marry the person your dating, guess what.. someone else will. Its your job to keep her whole for who will marry her. How would you want someone else to treat your future wife or husband? Ephesians 5:28 -any relationship your in should be left with a closer relationship with God and even purer than before. make your relationships about serving others, about getting closer to God and about being selfless.

* I pray that I would always help others run towards Jesus, that I would be selfless in serving for others and that I would always seek to be more like God in my ways. I pray that when God does bring my husband into my life that I would serve him and allow him to lead us spiritually. That I would always try to be selfless in our relationship. I pray that with any relationship or friendship i’m in, I would encourage a closer relationship with God for that person.

Thanks for your faithfulness pastor @bradbarbour 


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