the friends you surround yourself with determine the direction of your journey.

In 2 samuel 12 a story is told of King David, where he has a baby with a married woman & decides to put her husband in the front line of war hoping he will die and his problem will go away. God interferes by using Nathan’s friendship with David to edit his story and change the direction of his life. In the end David realizes his mistakes due to Nathan’s concern and uses his experiences to glorify God.

In this story Nathan is a good editor who stops David in continuing down a destructive path. Good friends will – get under your skin and diagnose your heart to determine if your actions are bringing you closer to God. – ask questions to see where your heart is. They don’t solve your problems but they ask questions that will challenge you and help you realize the direction of your journey. – They help us see the truths about ourselves. They will always speak words of truth & help us edit our story.
**we also need to be editable & open to the encouragement of our friends.
*I pray that I would always surround myself with friends that uplift me and encourage my relationship with Christ. That they would hold me accountable to the woman of God that He has called me to be. I pray that I also would be truthful with my friends and point them to an even better relationship with Christ. That I would never take for granted the special friendships that God has so graciously blessed me with.


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