delayed is disobedience

Tonight I was reminded of a verse & story that has stuck with me for some time now, this verse is Romans 1:17 – For in the gospel the righteousness of God is reveled – A righteousness that is by faith found first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” In Genesis 22:2-3 The Lord tells Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son and without hesitation Abraham wakes up in the early morning and does as God tells him to. 

Obedience is not only doing what is asked of us BUT its also doing it when its asked of us. In the story Abraham does just that, He trusted God and immediately obeyed Him. Trusting God means having faith and having confidence that God has a reason for everything he calls you to do. Do not miss Gods calling for your life because you simply put off being obedient to Him, trust God and immediately do what He asks of you because you are only obedient if you are instantly obedient. Obedience takes trust, but God is trustworthy.

* I pray that I would always trust God and give Him my full obedience, that I would be faithful to Him and have confidence in knowing that His way is always the best way. I pray that I would not delay in being obedient in any part of my life because immediate obedience always reaps great rewards.



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